We have a trust fund program to eradicate poverty and provide a better life for needy people. And contributing to the education of orphans. And in general contribute to providing food, shelter, clothing and employment opportunities to disadvantaged people and children is our goal.
Without necessarily restricting the generality and the scope thereof, the objects of the Trust is:
1. To contribute towards the education of orphans in primary schools and provide food, shelter, clothes and employment opportunities to the disadvantaged people and children in general.
2. To promote, encourage, assist, develop and support by any means whatsoever which are in the interests and the wellbeing of the beneficiaries.
3. To foster the development of youth potential through education and on the job training.
4. To eradicate poverty, provide better life, foster cooperation and unity among the communities.
5. To promote, develop, and provide education, food, shelter, cloth and employment opportunities to the needy people and children and young generation in general.
6. To provide support to community sport and recreational groups and organizations in the communities by the provision of advice, training, guidance and funding to assist in the improvement of, and access to, governance, management and administration of the said groups and organizations.
7. To solicit, obtain and accept donations to achieve the objects of the Trust.
8. To undertake such other activities and provide such other assistance, whether by way of financial assistance/support or otherwise as the Trustees see fit, of a charitable nature for the benefit of beneficiaries.

You can also join us in supporting the needs and well-being of the beneficiaries.
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